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What can Telequip/Enet do for you? It can make you money, save you time, and improve customer service.

Nearly 400 construction and farm equipment used parts dealers, over 1,000 want to buy ads daily, and a searchable database containing approximately 900,000 used parts.

Telequip/Enet is a 30 year old marketplace designed strictly for dealers of construction and farm parts. Sales opportunities are constantly being generated from across the U.S. and Canada and customers are finding the parts they need.

Telequip/Enet is an excellent way for you to sell parts, increase customer service, and improve profits.
Telequip/Enet Features
Messaging- Members sell and locate parts via broadcast and one on one messages. You can broadcast a want-to-buy message and within minutes receive multiple responses from dealers who have the part. Sell your parts to those dealers who are looking for parts that you have in inventory.

Parts Database- The QuickSearch database is a collection of dealers' inventories, it gives you an immediate response when locating a part. Put your inventory in QuickSearch and other dealers will receive automatic responses to their requests that match your inventory.

Cross-reference- The Allied Parts Reference (APR) is an interchange and supercede database; it ties into Telequip/Enet and allows cross-reference matches to searches.

Website Searches- WebSearch allows you to put your inventory on your website. Increase the power of your website by allowing visitors to request parts directly from you with an automatic inventory search.

Freight Discounts- Telequip/Enet dealers ship millions of dollars in freight. Many leading freight companies, including Yellow Freight Systems, offer discounts as high as 65% to our members.

Pricing to fit your budget- Telequip/Enet makes you money; we will tailor a solution that fits your business and budget.

National Tractor Parts Dealer Association- We are proud members of the NTPDA and support their efforts in the industry, all NTPDA members receive discounts on our services.